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By Melvin D. Saunders

ISBN-10: 0944737064

ISBN-13: 9780944737064

This twenty first Century direction guide has a astonishing accumulation of 223 brain routines designed to permit anyone to exploit their complete mind. The workouts contain balancing your feelings, expanding your reminiscence, enhancing your creativity, bettering your senses and masses, even more.

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Doing what you want to do becomes a cognitive process, not a primal urge. Becoming conscious becomes enjoyable and you begin experiencing life on a higher rather than a lower level. You do things because you know they are good for your physical and mental health. You begin consciously choosing your thoughts, emotions and actions rather than allowing them to just happen randomly. It is not a forced process, but a natural one. 34 EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT Exercise 16 -- Positive Energy Imaging Everything in the universe is interconnected in some way.

Finding it, you realize then that the Kingdom of Heaven truly IS within you. Meditation is an upper brain exercise that allows a person to experience the exalted higher emotional feelings so long sought after - selfless love, compassion, happiness, bliss, etc. After getting accomplished at experiencing these feelings, the adept can consciously recreate these emotions in his everyday life even without a formal meditative rapport. For beginning meditators, the simple exercise of observing and attending to your breathing is a good one.

Couples are faced with this question when one is unfaithful. Is it truthful to keep silent? Isn’t the point of relationship to allow the other person to know you as well as possible? If your answer is yes, then you know the answer to the first question as well. What people often neglect to do in relationship is honestly communicate to the other their feelings prior to infidelity. If they practiced doing this, infidelity would not even come up. Getting to know and truly understand the other is very important in any good relationship.

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