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He asked anxiously. “No, Pongo,” said Missis, still shivering. “I am,” said Pongo untruthfully. ” He tail-wagged good-bye to Perdita, then started off briskly along the Outer Circle, looking very spirited. Missis kept pace with him; but after its last wag to Perdita, her tail went down. ” “Yes, Pongo,” said Missis, still shivering. And still her tail was down. Pongo knew that if he could not cheer her up she would never be able to face the hardships that lay ahead. And he thought he could do with some cheering up himself.

Still, she ran up to the street and searched wildly. ” she moaned, bursting into tears. ” Cruella de Vil seemed to have changed her mind about going into the park. She was already halfway back to her own house, walking very fast indeed. The Hundred And One Dalmatians 31 Chapter 5 Hark, Hark, The Dogs Do Bark! Through her tears, Nanny Cook started towards the park. She could now see Mrs. Dearly, Nanny Butler, and the three dogs, who had just turned for home. It seemed a strange and terrible thing that they could be strolling along so happily, when every step brought them nearer to such dreadful news.

The great window was lit by the flicker of firelight. “It’s in there we sit, mostly,” the Spaniel told them. ” A silvery bell tinkled. “There! He’s ringing for me. Tea’s ready. ” The Hundred And One Dalmatians 58 He led them indoors and then into a large high room, at the far end of which was an enormous fire. In front of it sat an old gentleman, but they could not yet see him very well because there was a screen round the back of his chair. “Please lie down at the back of the screen,” whispered the Spaniel.

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