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The axis of the cylinder is the line ~ segment that joins the centers of I the bases. The radius of the cyl: inder is the radius of a base. An ~ altitude of a cylinder is a line segI ment between. and perpendicu:I lar to the planes of the bases. The : height of a cylinder is ~e ~ength ~ of an altitude. If the axIS IS per; pendicular to the basc:s, then the : cylinder is a right cylinder; oth~ erwise, it's oblique. lffi- - cycle ~ age (of a periodic curve) One se~tion of a curve that, when laid ; - cylindric surface out repeatedly end-to-end, :I the union of the bases and the : lateral surface forms the entire curve.

An example of such equivalent test statistics occurs for the situation of comparison of levels of a single intervalscale variable between two groups. In this situation, the descriptively valid statistic, as defined for the Pitman permutation test, is the difference of means, but simpler equivalent test statistics include the mean for one designated group, or (most simply) the total of scores in one designated group. error tolerance the value allowable above and I • • equivalent test statistic within a randomisation set, it is possible that two different sta.

Rud ; Thus It Imp• ent . a: attn ute wuerences m proIDlS- I . th' C f. CUlty to e agmg process. rudinal tud I ong! s y. : • cryptarithm ~ a number puzzle in which an ; indicated arithmetical operation : has some or all of its digits replaced by letters or symbols and where the restoration of the original digits is required. Each letter represents a unique digit. • cube a solid figure bounded by 6 congruent squares. ub'IC equa0'on • C I 'al ti f d a po oml equa on 0 egree . r I. I II u1 u' 'D-. ero a D'IS m'bU u'on F unc0'on .

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