A Logical Theory of Nonmonotonic Inference and Belief Change by Alexander Bochman PDF

By Alexander Bochman

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ISBN-13: 9783642075162

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The major topic and target of this e-book are logical foundations of non­ monotonic reasoning. This bears a presumption that there's this kind of factor as a basic idea of non monotonic reasoning, in place of a number of structures for this type of reasoning current within the literature. It additionally presumes that this sort of reasoning could be analyzed by way of logical instruments (broadly understood), simply as the other type of reasoning. in an effort to in attaining our target, we'll offer a typical logical foundation and semantic illustration within which other kinds of non monotonic reasoning will be interpreted and studied. The prompt framework will subsume ba­ sic types of nonmonotonic inference, together with not just the standard skeptical one, but additionally a number of varieties of credulous (brave) and defeasible reasoning, in addition to a few new types akin to contraction inference relatives that specific relative independence of items of information. moreover, an identical framework will function a foundation for a normal idea of trust swap which, between different issues, will let us unify the most techniques to trust switch current within the literature, in addition to to supply a confident view of the semantic illustration used. This ebook is a monograph instead of a textbook, with all its benefits (mainly for the writer) and shortcomings (for the reader).

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A) b = 0. Then a If-, and hence the set of all propositions is not a theory of If-. (b) b::p 0. Then, for any BE b, there must exist a theory UB that includes a but not B. Let v be an intersection of such theories, one for each B E b. Clearly, v includes a and is disjoint from b. Therefore it cannot be a theory D of If-. This concludes the proof. As can be shown, the second condition above can be replaced by a weaker claim that intersection of any two theories is also a theory. It can be verified that any singular Scott consequence relation is uniquely determined by its Tarski subrelation.

1 We modify here the definition of base-generation as compared with [Boc99b] in that we exclude the empty subset from consideration. A slight complication created by this decision at the present stage will be compensated in subsequent chapters by more transparent representation results. 36 2. Consequence Relations If ,1 is a base, we will denote by ,1" the set of propositions {,I\ a I a ~ Ll}. The following result shows that base-generation is a special case of classical generation. 1. Any base-generated consequence relation is grounded.

Again, it turns out that there exists a purely internal characterization of strongly generated consequence relations. 4. A supraclassical Scott consequence relation will be called strongly grounded if all its small theories are prime. 2. A supraclassical consequence relation is strongly grounded iff it is strongly generated by some set of propositions. The following result connects the notion of strong groundedness with the general notion of right compactness. 3. A supra classical consequence relation is strongly grounded if and only if the set of its prime theories is right-compact.

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A Logical Theory of Nonmonotonic Inference and Belief Change by Alexander Bochman

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