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By Mark Dalrymple

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Whereas there are a number of books on programming for Mac OS X, Advanced Mac OS X Programming: the large Nerd Ranch Guide is the one one who includes causes of the way to leverage the robust underlying applied sciences. This booklet will get right down to the genuine nitty-gritty. The 3rd variation is up-to-date for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 and covers new applied sciences like DTrace, tools, Grand relevant Dispatch, blocks, and NSOperation.

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Concurrency: In a garbage collected (GC) world, assignments to properties are atomic for free. There is no chance that another thread will see your assignment in-progress, even for complex types like C structs. In a non-GC world, assignments via properties are atomic, but it comes at a price of using an implicit lock when accessing the property. If you are in a non-GC program, noticing performance problems with properties, and accessing the properties in a single thread, then you can use nonatomic to suppress the use of these locks.

9 shows a way of performing conditional logging. /debuglog this should be seen: bork, 42 You can create variable argument methods in Objective-C the same way as in C, so there is no new syntax to learn. Be aware you cannot create NSInvocations that reference variable argument methods. 10 has a SomeClass object that has a weird little method that takes an arbitrary number of objects (terminated by nil) and prints out their descriptions. h> @interface Describer : NSObject 17 Chapter 1 C and Objective-C - (void) describeObjects: (id) firstObject, ...

The instigator of this change might be an interrupt handler, a signal handler, another thread, or a longjmp() (discussed in ChapterĀ 5: Exceptions, Error Handling, and Signals). Declaring a variable volatile means the value of the variable is reloaded from memory every time it is used. This guarantees that you will have the correct value when you need it, but it also negates some possible compiler optimizations, like caching the value in a register in addition to its location in memory. volatile Variable argument lists Variadic function is a fancy name for a function that takes a variable number of arguments.

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