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8. The secular increase of GO,, according to Callendar (1958). The solid line represents the average of the observations and the dashed line the expected increase by fossil fuel consumption since the middle of the last century, according to Revelle and Suess (1957). The right-hand scale gives the per cent increase since 1870. The left-hand scale gives ppm CO,. represents his data and the estimate of total fossil fuel burnt (Revelle and Suess, 1957) as a function of time. It appears that both sets of data agree fairly well and that the total observed increase in CO,, as of now, is about 13%.

Curve a average of 13 flights over England October, 1952 to November, 1953 (after Kay, 1953). Curve b, average of 4 flights over Norway, JuneJuly, 1955 (after Brewer, 1955). Curves c and d, individual flights of Kay. Curve M , constant mixing ratio and triangles representing average values of tropospheric ozone in Boston, Massachusetts, during winter-spring 1960-61 obtained with the Regener Ozone Sonde (after Hering, 1961). can also represent surface air lifted upwards by cyclanic circulation or by large-scale convection.

These studies we1 concerned mainly with the exchange time t,, of the CO, between the a1 mosphere and the ocean. Three different methods were used to determin this quantity: (1) Consideration of the steady state C14 balance relatix to cosmic-ray production, physical removal, and decay in the atmosphei (Craig). 3 31 CARBON DIOXIDE (2) Consideration of the steady state material balance of C14 in the ocean (Craig, Revelle and Suess, Arnold and Anderson). (3) The dilution of 8 4 in the atmosphere (Suess effect) by the production of CO, from coal and other fossil fuels (Revelle and Suess, Arnold and Anderson).

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