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By K. Mani Chandy;Chandy;Stephen Taylor

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Computing device technological know-how

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5; it demonstrates how values extracted during matching can be used in arithmetic. Initially, the accumulator is zero (1). If the input list is empty, then the result is the contents of the accumulator (2). If the input is not empty, then the result is the obtained by adding the first element x and the sum of the rest of the list into the accumulator (3). Thus a program call sum([3,5,6,7],result) defines result to be 21. The program metric corresponds to the length of the input list Ls; termination occurs when this length is reduced to zero.

Write a program area(r,a) that computes circle area a using radius r. 5. Write a program bound(b,w,x,y,z,res) that accepts five numbers as input and defines res to be the maximum value among w, x, y and z that is less than bound b. 6. Write a program AND(x,y,z) that accepts two integers x and y; these may be either zero or one. The program defines z to be one if bothx and y are one; otherwise, z is defined to be zero. 7. Write a program OR(x,y,z) that accepts two strings x and y; these may be either true or false.

Since this implication does not involve recursion, the program terminates. Metric: A measure that can be used to show that a program is progressing toward a point where it will terminate. 3 Alternative Program Formulations In this section we illustrate two syntactic conveniences that will be used extensively in the programs that follow. 3 that illustrates how to understand arithmetic when used in an argument position (1). In general, any non-variable argument in a program call may be replaced by a new variable.

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