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Controls on natural nitrogen-15 and carbon-13 abundances in forest soil organic matter. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 52: 1633-1640. Shang, C. & Tiessen, H. 1998. Organic matter stabilization in two semiarid tropical soils: Size, density, and magnetic separations. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 62: 1247-1257. B. J. 1989. Mineralogy and Classification of Andic Soils in Northeastern California. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 53: 1784-1791. Spycher, G. L. 1979. Water dispersible soil organic mineral particles.

Operating condition was 15 kV accelerating voltage with a beam current of 15 nA and beam size ~1m. The average spectrum count was compared with the natural standards. The room temperature (RT) Mössbauer spectra were recorded in a conventional constant acceleration spectrometer (Wissel GmbH, Germany) with a 25 mCi Co/Rh source. Two mirror-imaged spectra were obtained in 512 out of 1024 channels. The finely powdered samples were pressed tight in plexi holders, and based on the iron content (known from EPMA) determined amounts of the samples were taken to optimise the thickness effect.

We have also used Graham & Powell’s (1984) hornblende-garnet geothermometry to calculate the equilibration temperature of the basic granulites. The temperatures calculated from the two methods are falling within the same range. Rock type Basic granulite Sample no. 11b Temperature (oC) 800 780-800 Method Holland & Blundy (1994) Graham & Powell (1984) Graham & Powell (1984) Holland & Blundy (1994) Graham & Powell (1984) 12c 650-680 33 695-750 41a 680-700 6b 540 Plyusnina (1982) 13 540 Plyusnina (1982) Meta-anorthosite 15b 890 Holland & Blundy (1994) Amphibolite 3c 800-820 Holland & Blundy (1994) Chromitite 17c 18b 25 29 30a 530 560 550 560 540 Plyusnina (1982) Plyusnina (1982) Plyusnina (1982) Plyusnina (1982) Plyusnina (1982) Two-pyroxene granulite Table 4.

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