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By M J T Fitzgerald

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Anatomy: 1800 a number of selection Questions comprises 1,800 a number of selection questions concerning anatomy. The questions are supported by means of illustrations and organized into 9 sections: higher Limb, reduce Limb, Thorax, stomach, Pelvis and Perineum, Head and Neck, worried method, Histology, and Embryology.
In the Histology part, the questions in all the six normal codecs are prepared within the comparable series, as follows: the cellphone; the Tissues (commencing with the Epithelia and finishing with anxious Tissue); and the platforms (commencing with the Cardiovascular and finishing with the Reproductive). Readers will stumble upon questions facing the backbone of the scapula, the vein that pierces the clavipectoral fascia, department of the axillary artery, and the quadriceps femoris muscle. different issues contain muscle pair inserted into iliotibial tract, bony prominences on that you kneel, muscle that flexes hip and knee, and the chromosomal formulation of the oocyte at ovulation. this article additionally discusses the speed of regeneration of peripheral nerves following harm; constructions that occupy the carotid sheath; and the positioning of sphincter urethrae.
This booklet should be tremendous worthwhile to scholars and lecturers of anatomy.

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154. 155. G D A B J E C 156. K 157. F 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. C A G H D B E K 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. B G C E A Ill THORAX Questions 1-16 For each of the following multiple choice questions select the most appropriate answer: 1. The A B C D E 2. The sternal angle is at the level of the lower border of vertebra: A T1 B T2 C T3 D T4 E T5 3. The number of pairs of costal cartilages usually attached the sternum: A Six B Seven C Eight D Nine E Ten sternum: Is composed of four parts Gives origin to pectoralis minor Articulates with the upper ten costal cartilages Contains red marrow at its upper end only Makes a synovial joint with the clavicle 46 47 4.

A Peroneus longus and brevis B Peroneus longus and tibialis posterior C Tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior D Tibialis anterior and peroneus tertius E None of the above muscle pairs 32. The plantar nerves and vessels lie between: A Plantar aponeurosis and the first muscle layer B First and second muscle layers C Second and third muscle layers D Third and fourth muscle layers E Plantar aponeurosis and skin 33. The cuboid is grooved by the tendon of: A Peroneus longus B Peroneus brevis C Peroneus tertius D Tibialis posterior E Flexor hallucis longus 34.

52. Sartorius Semimembranosus Gluteus maximus Adductor magnus A B C D 53. 54. 55. 56. 63. 64. Long saphenous vein Short saphenous vein Both Neither Anterior to medial malleolus Related to saphenous nerve at the ankle Characterized by absence of valves Perforating branches to deep veins of leg A B C D 61. 62. Femoral artery Femoral nerve Both Neither Found in the femoral sheath Medial to the femoral vein Found in the femoral triangle Normally palpable in the living A B C D 57. 58. 59. 60. Extension of hip Flexion of knee Both Neither Gluteus maximus Gluteus medius Both Neither Active in abduction of hip Active in pelvic support when opposite limb is off the ground Stabilizing action on the knee joint Supplied by the superior gluteal nerve 34 A B C D 65.

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