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By Raymond A. Prier

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1) and may be traced back to IndoEuropean This distinguishing element belongs to a very old group of prefixes (Schwyzer, op. cit. I. 431) and means "having no part in". Jaan Puhvel in a very interesting article emphasizes the separative quality of the phenomenon: " T h e value of *n- in bahuvrihis is privative or separative. Thus, α π α ι ς means 'no-child-having, without child', or rather 'child not there' . . " (Jaan Puhvel, "Indo-European Negative Composition", Language 29 [1953], p. 19). C.

Pp. 43-70. 78. Ibid. p. 82. ) which E. 6) prefers. Ποικίλη is certainly a more commonly-used epithet in the Homeric language and is found with a variety of objects. Κοίλος appears mostly as an epithet for ships. Metrical consideration tends to support KOllkri over κόϊΧη. My preference for ΚΟίϊΚη lies in the fact that it strikes me as an adjective peculiarly descriptive in terms of the way the archaic imagination might work: the sun moves along the curve of its "hollow bed" in its arc through the heavens.

Although men and gods are antipodal linguistically, they also share a third realm where they may be identical. The Hymn to Hermes is particularly rich in this type of correlation. Although it deals primarily with the two gods, Apollo and Hermes, there is a clear indication that Hermes inhabits the realms of men and gods equally. His mother, in a significant formulaic usage of the opposed terms, describes him as one begotten as a worry for both men and gods (ßejakrjv σε πατήρ βφύτ€νσ€ μέρψνανΙΰνητοϊς ανϋρ ώποισι και α&ανάτοισι deoCai — 160-161).

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