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By Franz Clemens Brentano

Edited and translated by means of Rolf George and Roderick M. Chisholm.

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53 The initiated will have spotted the reference to Monty Python's memorable ‘Clinic Argument’ sketch. 54 See Kretzmann (1991), 115. Shakespearean drama offers several examples of dismissive judgements. 193–4; cf. 84). e. to outdo her sisters in the flattering competition urged by Lear himself. 18–19). On the other hand, just as the dismissive judgements we have seen are not necessarily contradictory, there are assertive statements which are not necessarily tautological, such as ‘business is business’, or ‘the law is the law’, or ‘a kiss is still a kiss’.

On this view, there are as many viewpoints as agents, all of the same worth and hence to be treated on an equal footing. In some sense, the agent, like the customer, is always right. Even if the theorist were to disagree with the goals of the agents he is studying and/or the way they carry them out, he is not allowed to put across his disagreement, essentially on the grounds that there is no possibility of a rational assessment of practical issues such as cultural and moral values, practices, and beliefs.

Something similar is at stake with concepts such as government, office, or magistracy. g. virtuous, free, or wealthy people): ‘“Citizen” in this narrow sense [sc. trueborn Athenians] is an ascriptive word. To call a person a citizen is to ascribe to him certain political privileges and duties. Hence two different but connected questions arise: What are these privileges and duties; and to whom should they belong? The meaning of “citizen” is not simple, but has these two sides’ (Robinson (1995), 7).

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