Stephen T. Abedon's Bacteriophage Ecology: Population Growth, Evolution, and PDF

By Stephen T. Abedon

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Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that infect micro organism and are believed to be the main plentiful and genetically various organisms in the world. As such, their ecology is mammoth either in quantitative and qualitative phrases. Their abundance makes an realizing of phage ecology more and more proper to bacterial environment ecology, bacterial genomics and bacterial pathology. Abedon presents the 1st textual content on phage ecology for nearly twenty years. Written through major specialists, synthesizing the 3 key ways to learning phage ecology, specifically learning them in typical environments (in situ), experimentally within the lab, or theoretically utilizing mathematical or desktop types. With robust emphasis on microbial inhabitants biology and distilling state-of-the-art study into simple ideas, this e-book will supplement different presently on hand volumes. it's going to hence function an important source for graduate scholars and researchers, relatively people with an curiosity in phage ecology and evolutionary biology.

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