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By Arthur Osborne

ISBN-10: 8182880920

ISBN-13: 9788182880924

This publication is an anthology of articles and poems that Arthur Osborne,an ardent devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi,had contributed to the Ashram magazine,The Mountain Path.Included is also al onger paintings at the 'question of development' in addition to sixteen hitherto unpublished poems. Taken jointly they shape a profound testomony of the readability and commitment the writer has dropped at endure upon his selected job as a devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi.Whether elucidating the subtleties of Bhagvan's existence and teachings,bridging the obvious range of spiritual pracitce and belief,or easily surrendering to the beautiful suggestion of his Muse,Arhtur osborne's full of life writings from the decade of his lifestyles proceed to strike an internal chord on the flip of millineum. The Bookwas initially released within the 12 months 2000 and the next versions within the years 2003 and now 2008.

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On the side of benefit it is to be remembered that no one can lead others farther than he has gone himself, so that if the guide has not attained the Goal his disciples are not likely to either. On the other hand, faults of character are no less infectious than physical diseases. That is why Hindu Sages warn aspirants so insistently to seek the company of saints and to avoid the impure. And to the influence of his guru, for good or bad, a man is susceptible as to none other, since the relationship is one which invites such influence.

Even for those who do there are many paths to choose from. One who follows a devotional path may, for instance, worship God in the form of Rama. If he does it will never occur to him to refuse recognition to those who worship God in the form of Krishna or try to convert them. Why then should he try to convert those who worship God in the form of Christ? If told that they or the Buddhists believe theirs to be the only valid path to Beatitude he is likely to smile pityingly. Mystics in any religion, that is those who know from experience, perceive that the experience is universal and beyond doctrine and usually find it easy to understand that it can be approached through other religions also.

It follows therefore that many who function as gurus must have a lesser qualification. A guru may be simply one who has been initiated into that function as a priest has been ordained into the priesthood. A certain power and grace will flow through him, although he is not a realized man. Even though he is, the term ‘realized’ may mean something very different from the constant state of conscious identity which the Maharshi and his followers imply by the term; it may imply spasmodic realization or merely the realization of some higher state of phenomenal being.

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