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By Hsu-Ming Teo

ISBN-10: 1741142431

ISBN-13: 9781741142433

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Linh wanted nothing to do with this process. In the dark humidity of hot summer nights in western Sydney, when the desk-fan rattled and wheezed in its steel cage beside her mattress and the apartment exhaled the stale breath of fish sauce and fried garlic from the night’s dinner, she sometimes tossed in restless sleep and was chased by nightmares of long hours spent hacking fruitlessly at a feral jungle, nothing to fill her stomach at the end of the day but a fistful of boiled bamboo. She dreamed of lying atop hessian sacks of manure in a cargo hold, less than half a foot of rank air between her body and the splintered underside of the boat deck, knees drawn up to her chest for hours on end, cramping in pain until numbness set in and she could no longer straighten her limbs to climb up for air, even if there had been room for one more in the crush of bodies above deck.

Gibbo started to make gobbling noises like a turkey. ‘Hang on, hang on,’ he started, but Tien was on a roll and she ignored him. ‘Trust me, Mrs Yipsoon,’ Tien said earnestly. ‘This is scientifically proven. I’ve seen it done before. ’ Gibbo snorted derisively. ‘Yeah, right, you dag,’ he muttered, elbowing Tien. ’ Mrs Yipsoon asked suspiciously, but Tien could see that she was struck by the idea. ‘Every week. ’ ‘Well, if you’re sure . ’ A few minutes later, old Mrs Yipsoon was squawking in alarm and swatting at Tien and Gibbo with her walking cane.

I don’t see why I have to do this on a Friday night,’ Tien whined. She pushed petulantly at her textbooks and felt pleased when they tilted off the table and slapped onto the tiled kitchen floor. ’ ‘You have to make sacrifices and work hard if you want to get anywhere in this country. ’ ‘You’re the only one making my life difficult,’ Tien grumbled. ’ Her mother’s tone was almost accusing. Tien shook her head incredulously. It was the hypocrisy which galled her. This was the woman who had worked as a bar-girl and hung out with American soldiers, who got knocked up by a Bill Cosby look-alike (perhaps).

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