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By James G. Lennox

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This quantity of essays explores significant attached topics in Aristotle's metaphysics, philosophy of nature, and ethics, in particular issues concerning essence, definition, teleology, job, potentiality, and the top solid. the amount is united by means of the assumption that every one points of Aristotle's paintings must be studied jointly if anybody of the parts of inspiration is to be absolutely understood. some of the papers have been contributions to a convention on the college of Pittsburgh entitled 'Being, Nature, and existence in Aristotle', to honor Professor Allan Gotthelf's many contributions to the sphere of historical philosophy; a number of are contributions from those that have been invited yet couldn't attend. The individuals, all longstanding acquaintances of Professor Gotthelf, are one of the such a lot finished students within the box of old philosophy this present day.

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The examples used in Ph. 3 to illustrate the four kinds of cause and their further taxonomy are a miscellany that includes, in addition to the sculptor and his bronze, the arts of building, navigation, musicianship, spelling, syllogizing and medicine, as well as some altogether non-technical fields. 18 Nature, then, is difficult. But if we start from the causal distinctions that craft clarifies, we can aspire to understand it. And there is a further reason why we should hope to progress from craft to nature.

But I see no conflict with the global-teleology interpretation, which is about how cosmic nature integrates the natures of individual divine and sublunary substances into a single system, and not about what determines those individual natures in the first place (see esp. Sedley 1991, 190–1). 28 david sedley sake of animals in general, he is telling us, and that aspect of the hierarchy could hardly be part of human nature. 50 The question has been asked51 how this food-chain teleology can be reconciled with the internal teleology that dominates Aristotle’s biological works.

Like Aristotle’s biological works, they are squarely focused on individual bodily functioning. 41 There is, as I have said, a pronounced reluctance among scholars to attribute to Aristotle any such global teleology, but various further considerations confirm that he intended it. 6 (195a5–13), in what follows I shall be briefly revisiting some of the other texts that point to a global teleology. 42 My reply is not that they cannot, at a stretch, be read in these alternative ways, but that their cumulative effect is far more powerful than that of any one taken individually, and such as to make any such escape implausible.

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