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By Nevada Barr

ISBN-10: 0061352039

ISBN-13: 9780061352034

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I see you sneaking looks at her when you’re supposed to be at your lesson. I’ve seen you sneaking peeks at her in church. That’s a sin. You got a crush,” Gracie chanted. “You don’t know what’s what, maybe I’m making her likeness,” Sarah retorted. ” Sarah scrambled to her feet. “Leave it go, Gracie. It’s getting late. You’re stuck up with leaves. ” “Show me or I’ll tell Mam you’re making pictures in church. ” Sarah grabbed her sister’s pigtail. “I’ll tell Mr. ” “Sare! ” “Badger face,” Gracie muttered.

She clutched at his shirt, crying harder. “Well, Mam anyway. Walter’s just Pa all over again. Or maybe Sam Ebbitt. You got your friend Karen. ” David jounced her like a mother with a fussy baby. The tears poured down her cheeks. ” “You don’t know nothing,” she sobbed. “I do too—Mam told me. ” He did. She sat up, cocking her head to one side like a bird. ” 10 / Nevada Barr He started to climb down out of the straw. “Nah. ” She pounced on him, pulling at his beard, and he fell back laughing. “Okay, okay.

She crawled in and jerked the covers sharply, winning a corner from Gracie. Sarah was fast asleep when David finally came home. The moon had set, and he fumbled with the door latch in the dark, cursing under his breath. When it opened, he stumbled against the top step and fell to his knees on the porch floor. ” Emmanuel, ghostlike in a long pale nightdress, stood in the kitchen door. David grabbed the jamb and 24 / Nevada Barr hauled himself to his feet. His eyes were half closed. He rubbed them with the heel of his hand before he looked at his father again.

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