C++ Programming for Games, Module I (Textbook) by Frank Luna, Susan Nguyen PDF

By Frank Luna, Susan Nguyen

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However, in the second call to cout <<, k is first displayed, and then is incremented. Hence the number 8 is displayed again. Finally, we output k a third time to show that it was indeed incremented, but only after it was displayed the second time. Therefore, in a complex expression, when using the prefix form, the value is incremented/decremented first, before it is used. Conversely, when using the postfix form, the value is incremented/decremented last, after it is used. 2 Binary Arithmetic Operations C++ contains five binary arithmetic operators: 1) Addition operator (+), 2) Subtraction operator (-), 3) Multiplication operator (*), 4) Division operator (/) 5) Modulus operator (%).

Y 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Print next ten integers (y)es/(n)o? n Exiting... Press any key to continue 61 Here the outermost while-loop executes the innermost for-loop. The inner for-loop outputs the integers 0-9, and the outer while-loop continues to loop as long as the user specifies to continue. Thus, rows of integers 0-9 will continue to be output as long as the user answers “yes” to the question. 5 Break and Continue Keywords Sometimes special cases inside a loop need to be handled which terminate the loop early.

Compute n 3 and output the result. 4 Area/Circumference Write a program that asks the user to input the radius r of a circle. Compute the area A and circumference C of the circle using the formulas A = π ⋅ r 2 and C = 2 ⋅ π ⋅ r respectively, and output the results. 14 . 5 Average Write a program that asks the user to input five real numbers. Compute the average of these numbers and output the results to the user. 6 Bug Fixing 39 The following program contains several bugs. Enter the program into your C++ editor and try to compile it.

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