Caligula / Le Malentendu by Albert Camus PDF

By Albert Camus

ISBN-10: 2070360644

ISBN-13: 9782070360642

"Caligula : C'est une vérité toute easy et toute claire, un peu bête, mais difficile à découvrir et lourde à porter.
Hélicon : Et qu'est-ce donc que cette vérité, Caïus ?
Caligula : Les hommes meurent et ils ne sont pas heureux.
Hélicon : Allons, Caïus, c'est une vérité dont on s'arrange très bien. Regarde autour de toi. Ce n'est pas cela qui les empêche de déjeuner.
Caligula : Alors, c'est que tout, autour de moi, est mensonge, et moi, je veux qu'on vive dans l. a. vérité !"

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Arf. Arrrgh. And sometimes I'd just have to crouch back in the comer listening to my stomach growl. But now! Oh, ho, but now! Permit me to remind you, sir, my name's Bocazas —the cavern of the open mouth. And once my mouth decides to open up, there is no closing it. It's strange. There's not a thing that I can do. It might go flapping up to amorous Astolfo's ear, to fair Estrella Or to that rickety old geezer King Basilio. And if a thing or two should slip By accident from off my lip — Of what's in store for poor Astolfo The consequences could be awful.

SEGISMUNDO: I hope that I in no way have offended you. BASILIO: I cannot bear to look upon you. SEGISMUNDO: Please, my lord, oh please, Please look upon me. Just this once. Is that so hard? BASILIO: You are nothing but a savage, as I always knew you'd be. Your first abhorrent act as prince—a senseless murder! SEGISMUNDO: I am sorry I am such a disappointment to you—Father. BASILIO: I wanted to reach out to you, To hold you in my fond embrace, Greet you as my son— Welcome you as king. SEGISMUNDO: Who needs your fond embrace?

Blame it on my mouth. Blame it on my big, big mouth. CLOTALDO: All right, all right, all right. I understand. I'll see you get a little more to eat. BOCAZAS: Is it time for dinner yet? If nothing's popping out my mouth, There should be something popping in. CLOTALDO: Stay close to me and do not breathe a word. ACT II Scene 3 CLOTALDO and BOCAZAS move along and appear to be entering the royal chamber. SEGISMUNDO is in the bed and 44 begins to waken. He moves. He is dressed in a kind o f shift and the courtiers begin to dress him as a group o f singers serenade.

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Caligula / Le Malentendu by Albert Camus

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