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After production of rifles ceased, Remington still had a contract to build enough spare parts to last for any foreseeable future use of the M1903-type rifles. Springfield Armory had also produced M1903 parts during the war along with building M1 Garands, but reworked fewer than 1,000 selected M1903A3s as M1903A3 National Match rifles during the early to mid-1950s. The M1903A4 During wartime, there was a need for accurate rifles to supply US snipers, who entered World War II without a sniping rifle.

Most grenadiers preferred not to fire the rifle from the shoulder if possible, owing to the heavy recoil. (NARA) An experimental clinometer was developed, which combined a projected the grenade. The system, though it worked well with the base graduated in degrees with a movable spirit level mounted French 8mm M1886 Lebel rifle, had problems when used with the on the left side of the stock. Using a chart, it could be set on the M1903, among them the splitting of stocks and the loose fit of the degree of elevation desired then moved until the bubble was VB launchers, which caused premature explosions.

5 Mk I “Jungle Carbine” was designed to be a handier version of the Lee-Enfield. Reportedly, all of the Bushmasters were reconfigured to standard M1903 specs before the unit deployed to the Pacific in January 1943. In actuality, Springfield Armory had built an experimental carbine version of the M1903 in May 1921. Two were constructed, with 20in star-gauged barrels and a Lyman 48 rear sight (Brophy 1991: 201), but the project never got beyond the experimental stage. The M1903 (modified) and the M1903A3 In September 1941, with Remington ready to begin production, the US War Department gave the company a contract for 134,000 M1903s, with the number soon raised to 174,000.

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