The Bomb Vesell Granado 1742 (Anatomy of the Ship) by Peter Goodwin PDF

By Peter Goodwin

ISBN-10: 0851775225

ISBN-13: 9780851775227

Equipped as a floating siege engine capable of face up to the cringe of shell-firing mortars, the Granado was once one in all twelve bomb vessels supplementing the depleted British fleet on the outbreak of the conflict of Jenkins' Ear in 1739. This e-book starts off with a quick description of the improvement of bomb vessels, from the early galiote a bombe inbuilt 1682 to the area conflict II displays used for coastal bombardment, and keeps with an in-depth description of the Granado, a precis of the ship's occupation, and greater than 250 distinctive illustrations. The publication additionally presents insights into fictional hero Jack Aubrey's first command, the Sophie, a 14-gun brig-sloop with a quarterdeck and stern home windows. First released in 1989, this reprint incorporates a new fold-out large-scale plan at the opposite of the ebook jacket. eleven images. 263 line drawings.

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