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By N.G. Markley, J.C. Martin, W. Perrizo

ISBN-10: 354008925X

ISBN-13: 9783540089254

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The above estimates agree with the norm estimates for the composition operators on B(D) in [29] when ψ is taken to be the constant function 1. Weighted Composition Operators 17 4. Weighted composition operators on the Bloch space of a bounded homogeneous domain Let D be a bounded homogeneous domain in Cn . For z ∈ D, define ω(z) = sup {|f (z)| : f ∈ B(D), f (0) = 0 and ||f ||B ≤ 1} , ω0 (z) = sup {|f (z)| : f ∈ B0∗ (D), f (0) = 0, and ||f ||B ≤ 1} . 1. Let D be a bounded homogeneous domain in Cn .

Since Cσ is analytic in C∞ \spt μ and (Cμ) (∞) = −μ(K) we have γ+ (K) γ(K) for all compact K ⊆ C. 1 (Tolsa). There is an absolute constant AT such that γ(K) for all compact sets K ⊆ C. 2. Suppose ω is a compactly supported bounded function times area measure. We then have the following weak-type inequality for analytic capacity γ([Re Cω AT ω a a]) for all a > 0, where AT is Tolsa’s constant. For a general compactly supported measure ω, Cω is only defined A-almost everywhere, so γ([Re Cω a]) might not even make sense.

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